Tahitian Vanilla
Tahitian vanilla fondant creme
Azteca Truffle
Chilli 'n spice dark truffle
Manuka Honey Truffle
In white chocolate with candied orange
Cocoa Bella Truffle
Rich dark chocolate truffle rolled in cocoa powder
In a fondant creme
Rum Raisin Cup
Rum soaked raisins in a buttercreme filling
Fragrant essence of rose in a fondant creme
In a fondant creme
Praline Cup with Heart
Hazelnut praline cup with a white/red heart
Lemon Praline Cup
Hazelnut praline with a hint of lemon
Cafe Praline Cup
Coffee praline with dark chocolate coffee bean
White couverture round
For the person who loves white chocolate
Plain Chocolate Daisy
Available in milk or dark chocolate
The classic peppermint fondant creme
Lightly Spiced Pear
Pear fondant creme with a hint of spice
Peanut Smoothie
Smooth peanut filling in a milk chocolate shell
Candied Orange Dome
Candied orange peel in dark chocolate
Mango Lime
Tropical mango & cool lime fondant creme
Macadamia Mountain
Whole New Zealand macadamia in chocolate
70% Dark Bittersweet Chocolate
70% cocoa mass for more intense flavour
Lime fondant creme
Candied Lemon Dome
Candied lemon peel in milk chocolate
Fondant creme with freeze dried kiwifruit
Kahlua Liqueur
Kahlua in a fresh cream ganache
Chips of hokey pokey in luscious chocolate
Roasted Hazelnut Orb
Whole roasted hazelnut in a chocolate shell
Hazelnut Cup
Whole roasted NZ hazelnut in praline
Ginger Almond
Crystallised ginger & whole dessert almond
Coffee Creme
Coffee fondant creme
Coconut Macaroon
Coconut pieces in a fondant creme
Cocoa nibs
Dark or milk chocolate with cocoa nibs
In a soft creme centre
The taste of summer berries
In a cream ganache. Mild to medium heat
Creme Caramel
Caramel in a white chocolate ganache
Caramel Dome
Flowing caramel in milk & white chocolate shell
Soft Butter Caramel
Our own exclusive handmade caramel filling
Cafe Latte
A delightful velvet smooth coffee creme
Bailey's Liqueur
In a fresh cream ganache - simply divine
2010 Big Softee Heart
Our own handmade caramel & marshmallow centre